Cabot Strait Crossing

The Adventure

Kite surfing across the Cabot Strait is an immense challenge, not because of the length, but due to its exposure to the elements. For this to be a relatively safe crossing it has to be late in the year when a predictable weather system moves from west to east as they do. A nice summer sea breeze is not a guarantee of needed conditions for success. It is expensive to fail, both time and money wise and we don’t want to talk about mortality. October is a prime month where the water is still relatively warm, but wind is strong and dense and for the most part predictable. Departure from the headlands of Cape Breton’s Pleasant Bay, the passing of St Paul’s Island and arrival at the beautiful beaches and rugged rocky shores of Port aux Basque will allow for amazing footage for all sponsors involved. This is really an epic adventure that I have been dreaming about for 10 years and planning for 4. Locally it is the pinnacle of off shore kiting apart from the Sable Island trip which is long and far more dangerous, but will definitely need assistance. I have kited that distance before, and the endurance is only a fraction of the preparation for a successful crossing.

About Northbound

Northbound is a long distance kitesurfing project that is ongoing and has been active for 5 years internationally. Two Solo Nova Scotian passages took place in 2012, a special one was from Chester Nova Scotia to Lawrencetown 88km in 2hrs 35 minutes. This was the first time ever and faster than most power boats. Also completely unescorted. There was plenty of exposure and ocean knowledge was crucial to complete this passage. The trip entailed crucial timing of departure with a cut off time, open ocean exposure 5 miles off the coast, tides and currents at each headland and a difficult harbour crossing off shore with the end of day dying sea breeze. This trip was completed within 30 minutes or less of a necessary cut off to landfall.

Jeff Brock

The Athlete

Jeff is a professional sailor, kiteboarder, life long waterman, free surfer, ocean conservationist, and fitness coach. He has won hundreds of races world wide, including finishing 3rd in the Volvo Round the World Race, and competing in The America’s Cup. A life long athlete, Jeff also has competed in cross country skiing, mountain biking, trail running and SUP racing. When not competing, you’ll find him kitesurfing on a foil board, surfing, trail running, doing yoga, or planning his next adventure.

Notable Points

  • Jeff is from Nova Scotia b. 1971
  • Professional Athlete of 30 years and still competing in sailing and currently ocean racing in international circuits
  • Have competed in the Volvo Round the World Race finishing 3rd
  • First person ever from Nova Scotia to compete in The America’s Cup
  • Have won hundreds of races world wide
  • Privately coaches sailing, kitesurfing, surf and fitness work out
Jeff Brock - America's Cup

Successful Missions

Antigua to St. Marten

169km with team support in open ocean

Grenada to Union Island

48.5km solo. Coastal run with ocean exposure and no support

Antigua to Barbuda

50km Solo, Open ocean with no transit and a bare horizon

Chester, NS to Lawrencetown, NS

90km solo, coastal run with ocean exposure and no support

Block Island to Newport

34km solo, open ocean/coastal with no support

Martha's Vinyard to Block Island

68km open ocean team support

New Goals

Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

Minimum distance of 120km to 150km

New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia

Multi province mission

Isle de Madaleine to Nova Scotia

90km open ocean

Prince Edward Island to Isle de la Madaleine

85km open ocean

"Life is too short and this playground is amazing!"

Marketing Objective

To make a TV commercial for Tourism Nova Scotia with a combination of: Kitesurfing, surfing, Stand Up Paddling (distance and in Waves) Mountain biking, Road Biking, trail running, golf, Sailing, Craft beer gardens, music and more, ALL WITH THE SAME PERSON [Me]. Promoting my sponsors, Predict wind, Ozone, Kachan Physiotherapy, and possible sponsors like Garrison Brewery, Stillwell, Patagonia, The Binnacle, OneWind, WattsWind Energy and many more to come that are in the mix.


Kite boarding the coolest and fastest water sport going, Kite boarding and other extreme water sports are still the fastest growing sports in the world, and numbers in the Maritimes have quadroupled in the last 5 years. Not huge in the realm of world sports, but a big draw for vendors and tourists as it is not a cheap sport. Reaching a very broad demographic, we have Kitesurfers, Surfers and Stand Up Paddler’s from the age of 8 to 80, male and female. With times like these where life is notably short and worth living to its fullest, people are getting out there and doing a lot more these days. With “life is too short and this playground is amazing” , ringing in there head and running. We are seeing an increased amount of people annually and people learning with the average age of a kitesurfer being around 30. In the Maritimes we have so much to offer, especially August through November and we need to promote more than just golf, music, the Bluenose and fall colours in Nova Scotia. The place truly is amazing. The secondary goal is to promote events such as guided distance touring and racing for Kiteboarding and SUP [Stand Up Paddle]. Team events, corporate team building, with different age groups including ameture and Proffessional catagories. These types of events are happening world wide and are sponsored by companies such as Redbull, Captain Morgan, Ozone, North kiteboarding, PowerBar, Cliff Bar, Garmin and many more. An excellent summer project/goal for tourism dependant companies such as hotels, restaurants and bars, rental companies and more

Sponsors and Affiliates

Thank you!

Ocean Conservancy

Our ocean faces many threats like the onslaught of ocean trash, overfishing and ocean acidification. With the help of donors like you, Ocean Conservancy is developing innovative solutions to save our ocean.

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Ecozine is a premier magazine devoted to sustainable lifestyle, for people who want to live well without costing the Earth. Ecozine's mission is to make green mainstream, by providing content, experiences, and tools to serve our community.

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Refined Travellers

Refined Travellers is leading the sustainable luxury travel movement. We offer a stylish and authoritative guide for the discerning traveller. Widely regarded as a trusted magazine about sustainable luxury travel, Refined Travellers covers the latest trends to its affluent audience, influencers and thought leaders.

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Founded in 2006, One Wind is a professional wind farm service provider.  From our roots in eastern Canada, we’ve grown into one of North America’s leading ISP’s with engineers and technicians working across the continent.  We’ve provided construction and O&M services for over 3 GW of projects including all major turbine manufacturers.


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